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BIT/CARE Webinar Series

InterACTT has teamed with DPrep Safety to share these FREE monthly conversations related to threat and violence risk assessment in K-12, college, and workplace cases. Brian will be joined by different guests each month to discuss topics related to risk and protective factors, interviewing techniques, deception detection, impression management, social media threat, incels, white supremacy, gatekeeping/triage, behavioral intervention teams, cultural competency, report writing, and case management. Members will have access to recordings of all previous episodes with resource materials.

  • What is InterACTT?
    InterACTT is a collaborative group of likeminded professionals from diverse fields who created a platform to make an impact in the fields of K-12/secondary education, colleges/universities and workplaces. With expertise on CARE and threat team functioning, mental illness assessment and treatment, law enforcement, accessibility services, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), autism, masculinity and prevention education, the advisory team at InterACTT truly forms a gestalt – a group greater than any of our individual parts.
  • Why subscription based?
    When we looked out at the field, we felt the last thing people needed was yet another membership organization competing for increasingly limited funding. With budget money more restricted than ever in the post COVID-19 era, we designed InterACTT as a supplement to those existing memberships you may hold. Our focus is on providing innovative resources and technology solutions to your daily work. The daily work of InterACTT is committed to providing low-cost resources to those in counseling, law enforcement, disability, threat assessment and prevention education.
  • Does this replace my existing membership?
    No, we don’t think it should. We have deep roots in higher education with membership organizations like NASPA, ASCA, ACPA, NABITA, ATIXA, ACCA, AUCCCD, IACLEA, HECMA, AMOSSHE, UMHAN, BACP-UC & HUCS, NADP, and AUCSO. These groups offer different services and supports than we offer. We would encourage you to keep connected to your existing membership organizations and talk with their leadership about how InterACTT can augment their current service offerings. We are always interested in new collaborations.
  • What if I have an idea for InterACTT?
    We LOVE ideas. That’s why we got this organization started. Feel free to reach out to any member you feel comfortable approaching on the advisory team or talk directly with Dr. Chris Taylor or Bethany Van Brunt about how they can help connect you to the next step in your idea becoming a reality!
Supporting MENA, Jewish, and Muslim Students: Empathy, Education & Safety

In recent months, the escalation of the Israel/Palestine conflict has presented significant challenges for educational institutions worldwide. Faculty, staff, and administrators are increasingly finding themselves amid a delicate situation where they are expected to take stances, issue statements, and empathetically listen to students voicing their distress, frustration, and concerns about the uncertain future. Drs. Brian Van Brunt, Jacques Whitfield, and Brielle Stark-Adler offer valuable insights and strategies for supporting students during these turbulent times. Drawing on their extensive experience and the principles outlined in the book, How to Engage in Difficult Conversations on Identity, Race, and Politics in Higher Education, our panel provides actionable advice on creating inclusive and supportive environments for all students.

We are sharing this episode both to give you a sense of what the sessions are like and to provide some guidance on this timely and often difficult topic.

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